Текст песни Victims

Обложка сингла Ocean Jet — Victims

Victims Ocean Jet


Текст песни Ocean Jet — Victims:

Tell me why do we end up like this, my miss?
Losing ground, losing us, losing happiness
Now we have to let go of what’s yours and mine
And we know it’s okay, I guess we’ll be fine.

And we know its okay,
And we know well be fine,
Will we meet again?
Or is this goodbye?

The last seventy miles spent in silence
Cause all excuses would seem like a crime
The last seconds to keep a promise
And the whole life behind

Tell me why it took us oh-so many times
To realize we are victims of You and I
One more kiss, one more dance, well, is it the end?
See the sun has set on our holyland

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